Monday, February 13, 2006

Powder Weekend

Last weekend was full of ski-touring (.. backcountry-skiing -- what's the proper term?). Saturday afternoon it was a quick trip to Laseberg (1910m) close to St. Stephan/Simmental.

On Sunday I decided to follow Christophe & Antonella's suggestion of skiing Gemmenalphorn. Initially, when reaching the Northern shore of Lake Thun, I regretted this decision very much: The warm micro-climate around Beatenbucht means that there wasn't a single flake of snow, but instead spring-like temperatures and palm trees growing happily. Getting off the bus I felt a little inadequate with anorak and ski equipment.

What a surprise then to find 20 cm powder on the top of Niederhorn (1950m) shortly after, accompanied by magificent views across Lake Thun. I made the first tracks down towards Unterburgfeld, then climbed up 500m to Burgfeldstand (2063m) for a final ski run to the little village of Habkern from where a postal service runs to Interlaken.

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Chris said...

Hi Thomas! Nice to discover that you followed with pleasure our "skitouring" suggestion from Niederhorn to Habkern via Gemmenalphorn. We whish you nice days on this beautiful area. Regards, Chris and Antonella