Monday, July 23, 2012

WebLogic JMS in-flight Message Compression

WebLogic JMS has a feature for compression of in-flight JMS messages. Compression happens between the JMS client library and the JMS server. This avoids bandwidth issues and nasty problems with maximum message size limitations (see

Dynamic compression can be enabled on the JMS connection factory. Here you specify a threshold in bytes. If the serialized message body exceeds this threshold and if the client is not collocated then the message payload is compressed in-flight. See Compressing Messages in the WebLogic Performance and Tuning Guide.

An alternative is to programmatically set a compression threshold via WLMessageProducer interface.


Prithviraj said...

Dear Thomas,
Thank you very much for this valuable information. From the screenshot, I understand that, you have set threshold value to 16MB.
In my scenarion, I am fetching data from oracle DB. How do I identify what size of data I am fetching? Is there any way to find out the message size?
I am asking this question because I need to determine optimum value of threshold and need to know if compression is applied on the data that I have fetched.

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