Thursday, July 28, 2005

Aare Marzili Fun

It's very hot in Switzerland at the moment -- so for lunchtime I went running along the Aare river but then for the way back couldn't be bothered and just jumped in with my running gear on. Water temperature has reached a record 22"C (live recordings here). Even on a weekday like this hundreds of people are on the river floating downstream. Sometimes the speed is around 15 km/h. great fun!!!

Next plan is to go Waveboarding on the river. I've seen some people do this with home-made boards and elastic ropes attached to the trees. Tension is built up on the rope by drifting downstream (stalling the board against the flow); then they get quite some speed as the rope contracts again. Excellent! Now i just need to find somebody who can teach me how to build one of these ....

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