Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bern under water

Have been through Bern on the bike this afternoon: The damage on the Matte quartier is huge. From the safety of the high level bridge I watched in awe with other "disaster tourists". Draft wood blocked off one of the normal water passage ways, so the flood took another route: straight along the Matte main road! All 1.100 inhabitants of the Matte area have been evacuated from their houses -- some by force.

The water is still 1-2 metres high and there's a very strong current (20km/h?). I saw one house where water came in through the front and came out gushing through the rear. It looked like this house had been built bang in the middle of a torrential river! Lots of cars totally submerged with only the antenna sticking out of the water – some of them badly damaged and with the roof torn off (wonder how this happened?).

Bern Matte Film 1
Bern Matte Film 2

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