Sunday, August 14, 2005

Paragliding "Schnupperkurs"

A message especially for my mate Jim: Eventually I've done it -- a whole day of paragliding, on my own. Last Saturday I went together with Stefan to Flugschule Diemtigtal where we completed a one-day "schnupperkurs". I came directly from Spicherweid cottage where I stayed the night before with Thomas and his family.

I’d done two tandem flights in the past, but this is the first time that I was on a glider just by myself. The experience was both scary and exciting. Flying 5-10 metres above ground in the flying school was not something I had expected from a beginner’s day! I managed to look stupid with one botched start (landing on my tummy!) and two crash landings.

Our teacher Andy (who’s a test pilot for Thun-based paraglider manufacturer Advance) was excellent and never got out of the calm (despite me constantly ignoring his radio instructions J) --- thanks a lot for a great day!

Altogether it was great fun and hopefully I can repeat it sometime again. On the other hand, I've decided against taking up a full course, because it's too time-consuming for me right now (waiting for the right weather/wind conditions, etc ...), a bit expensive and I'm not convinced about safety. Let's see, maybe I come to another conclusion next year :-)

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